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Can You Use Kohl’s Gift Card at Sephora? Your Complete Guide


Gift cards have become a popular choice for gifting, and they offer recipients the flexibility to choose what they want from their favorite stores. If you’ve received a Kohl’s gift card and have been eyeing some beauty products at Sephora, you might be wondering if you can use your Kohl’s gift card there. In this guide, we’ll explore the possibilities and provide you with a comprehensive answer to this common question.


Gift cards have revolutionized the way we gift, providing recipients with the freedom to choose their preferred products. If you’re holding a Kohl’s gift card and have Sephora on your shopping list, this guide will answer your questions about their compatibility.

The Appeal of Gift Cards

Gift cards offer convenience, flexibility, and the joy of choosing from a wide array of products. They are a popular choice for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

Understanding Kohl’s Gift Cards

Kohl’s gift cards are versatile and can be used to purchase a variety of items from clothing to home goods. They are available in physical and electronic formats.

Using Kohl’s Gift Cards at Sephora

Unfortunately, Kohl’s gift cards cannot be used directly at Sephora. Sephora has its own gift cards and payment system, which is separate from Kohl’s.

Alternatives to Kohl’s Gift Cards at Sephora

While you can’t use your Kohl’s gift card at Sephora, there are alternative methods to pay for your Sephora purchases:

  • Sephora Gift Cards: Purchase Sephora gift cards, either online or in-store, to use at Sephora.
  • Credit or Debit Cards: Pay for your Sephora purchases using your credit or debit card.
  • Sephora Rewards Program: Join Sephora’s Beauty Insider program to earn points and redeem rewards on your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

6.1. Can I use Kohl’s cash at Sephora?

No, Kohl’s cash can only be redeemed at Kohl’s stores or online at

6.2. Are there any restrictions when using Kohl’s gift cards at Sephora?

Kohl’s gift cards cannot be used at Sephora due to the separate payment systems of the two retailers.

6.3. What should I do if my Kohl’s gift card doesn’t work at Sephora?

If you attempt to use your Kohl’s gift card at Sephora, it will likely be declined. In such cases, consider using alternative payment methods.

6.4. Can I return Sephora purchases made with a Kohl’s gift card?

Sephora’s return policy typically allows returns of items purchased with Sephora gift cards. However, it’s advisable to check Sephora’s specific return policy for the most accurate information.

6.5. Are there any benefits to using Kohl’s gift cards at Sephora?

Using Sephora gift cards at Sephora ensures a seamless payment experience and access to Sephora’s exclusive rewards and promotions.


While Kohl’s gift cards are a fantastic way to shop at Kohl’s, they cannot be used at Sephora. To enjoy a Sephora shopping spree, consider Sephora gift cards or other convenient payment methods.

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