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Unlocking Convenience: How to Get a QR Code for Amazon Returns at Kohl’s


In the era of online shopping, returns are an inevitable part of the process. Fortunately, Amazon has partnered with Kohl’s to make returns easier than ever. By generating a QR code, you can streamline the return process and save time. In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to get a QR code for Amazon returns at Kohl’s, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Returns are an integral part of online shopping, and Amazon understands the importance of making this process as convenient as possible. Thanks to the partnership with Kohl’s, you can now generate a QR code to simplify the return of Amazon items. Let’s explore how this QR code can enhance your return experience.

The Amazon-Kohl’s Partnership

The collaboration between Amazon and Kohl’s has led to a seamless return process. You can take your eligible Amazon returns to a nearby Kohl’s store, and the QR code will expedite the return.

Why Use a QR Code for Amazon Returns?

A QR code is a time-saving tool that eliminates the need for manual paperwork and label printing. With a QR code, the return process becomes incredibly efficient, benefiting both customers and the environment.

How to Get a QR Code for Amazon Returns at Kohl’s

4.1. Prepare Your Amazon Return

Before heading to Kohl’s, ensure that your Amazon return is eligible for this process. Not all items may qualify, so check Amazon’s return policies.

4.2. Find the Nearest Kohl’s Location

Use Amazon’s website or app to locate the nearest Kohl’s store participating in the return program.

4.3. Initiate the Return on Amazon

Go to the Amazon return center online and select the item you want to return. Follow the prompts to choose the Kohl’s drop-off option.

4.4. Receive and Scan Your QR Code

Amazon will provide you with a QR code. Take this code to the Kohl’s store, where an associate will scan it, accept your return, and provide a drop-off receipt.

Benefits of Using a QR Code

Using a QR code for Amazon returns offers several advantages, including reduced wait times, paperless processing, and the convenience of multiple drop-off locations.

Troubleshooting Common QR Code Issues

In case you encounter issues with your QR code, such as it not being accepted at Kohl’s, contact Amazon customer support for assistance.


Getting a QR code for Amazon returns at Kohl’s is a smart move in the world of online shopping. It streamlines the return process, saving you time and effort. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can make your returns hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

8.1. What is the advantage of using a QR code for Amazon returns at Kohl’s?

Using a QR code expedites the return process, eliminates paperwork, and offers a convenient, eco-friendly option for returning Amazon items.

8.2. Do I need to package my Amazon return before going to Kohl’s?

In most cases, you don’t need to package the return. Kohl’s will accept the item as long as it meets Amazon’s return criteria.

8.3. Can I get a QR code for any Amazon return item?

Not all items may be eligible for the QR code return process. Ensure your item qualifies by checking Amazon’s return policies.

8.4. What if I don’t have a Kohl’s store nearby?

If a Kohl’s store is not within reach, you can explore other Amazon return options, such as using Amazon Locker or scheduling a pickup.

8.5. Is there a time limit for using the QR code for returns?

There is typically no specific time limit for using the QR code, but it’s advisable to initiate the return promptly for a smooth process.

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