My Kohls Charge Payment Options

My Kohls Charge Payment Options


Options for My Kohl’s Charge Pay Bill

Kohl’s Charge Card is a credit card. You can use the card to shop at any of the Kohl’s store or online. You get several benefits using Kohl’s charge card. You get promotional offer on your first purchase. Many a times you get cash reward on spending specific account. Here we will discuss on My Kohls Charge payment options and customer service. You get specific discount on purchase using the card. You earn reward points on your purchase. Points accumulated can be redeemed for your next purchase. You also get exclusive offers on special events. You get 12 special offers a year.

Online Payment

Online Payment KohlIt is much convenient to make your Kohl’s charge payment online. It is much secure to pay online. There is no fee for it. To make the payment online, you need to login to your Kohl’s charge account. In order to have your login user id and password, you must have registered your account online.

Register My Kohl’s charge account

The registration is a quick process that takes few minutes online. Following given are the steps on how to register your account:

  • Go to
  • Click the link ‘Pay & Manage Card’ displayed at bottom of the home page.
  • Enter your 12 digit Kohl’s credit card number in the field given below ‘Register Now’. Click ‘Submit’ button.

Your account will be created immediately.

My Kohl’s charge account login

Once registered, you can login to it anytime being anywhere. Here are the steps on how to login:

  • Go to
  • Click the link ‘Pay & Manage Card’ displayed at bottom of the home page. Or Click ‘Account’ tool displayed on top right and then click the link ‘Sign in to your kohl’s charge account’ displayed below sign in window.
  • Enter your username and password in the sign in window. Click ‘Submit’ button.

Pay your bill

You can make single payment or even schedule one payment each day for next 180 days. Here given are the steps on how to make online payment:

  • Go to
  • Login to your my Kohl’s charge account.
  • Make payment providing credit/debit card account details.

If you make payment before 7:00 pm, it will be posted the same business day; otherwise it will be posted the next business day.

Pay By Phone

Pay By Phone Kohl’s paymentYou can pay by phone 24/7 through automated phone system by calling at (855) 564-5748. You will need to provide bank routing number and account number. You can also pay through debit card. If you pay before 7:00pm it will be posted the same day, else the following day.

Pay by Mail

Pay by Mail kohls chargeYou can pay your bill through regular mail too. You can send a check at the following mailing address:

Kohl’s Payment Center

P.O. Box 2983

Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

Customers residing in AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA and WV states can also send payments to the following mailing address:

Kohl’s Payment Center

P.O. Box 30510

Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

Kohl’s App

Kohl’s AppKohl’s App is made available for android and iOS devices. You can download and install the app for free. It is much simple to pay using the app. You must have registered your Kohl’s charge card in your app.

Pay through Apple Pay

Kohl’s Pay through Apple PayKohl’ allows payment option through Apple pay. It is simple. Customers can pay Kohl’s charge card bill with a single tap using Apple Pay.

Kohl’s Charge Billing Cycle, Late Fee, Grace Period

Kohl’s billing cycle/billing period is a closing date to pay your bill. You can check the due date by logging into your Kohl’s charge card. There is no Grace period. If you fail to pay your bill; usually you will have to pay late fee of $25.

For more information, you can refer to frequently asked questions, FAQ at

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  1. I want a hard copy of my statement mailed to me each month that I have a balance. And I don’t know what you mean by wanting my Website entered in the box. I called Customer Service, I could not understand the language of the person that answered my call, so I am stumbling around because evidently it is my fault that I, an American cannot understand the language of your employee.

    ALL I want is my monthly statement mailed each month.

    Can someone help me, PLEASE.

    Thank you.

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