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The Mystery Unveiled: Kohl’s Application Status “In Progress”


Are you excited about the prospect of joining the Kohl’s team and have submitted your application? It’s natural to be eager to know where you stand in the hiring process. You might have noticed the status “In Progress” associated with your Kohl’s job application. In this article, we’ll delve into what this status means, why it might linger, and what you can do to stay informed.


Securing a job at Kohl’s, a well-established and respected retailer, can be an exciting opportunity. However, the application and hiring process can sometimes leave applicants in a state of suspense. One of the stages that might leave you curious is the “In Progress” status.

Understanding the “In Progress” Status

When you see “In Progress” next to your job application, it indicates that your application is being reviewed and considered by the Kohl’s hiring team. It means your application has moved past the initial screening phase and is in the pipeline for further evaluation.

Why Does It Say “In Progress”?

Several factors contribute to the “In Progress” status. It’s essential to remember that Kohl’s receives a significant number of applications, and their HR team carefully reviews each one. Here are some reasons why your application might remain in this status:

  • Volume of Applications: Kohl’s is a popular employer, and many individuals apply for positions. Processing all these applications takes time.
  • Screening Process: Kohl’s follows a thorough screening process to ensure they select the best candidates for their positions. This process includes reviewing qualifications, experience, and compatibility with the role.
  • Background Checks: Depending on the role you applied for, background checks and reference verifications may be required, which can lengthen the process.

What Happens After the “In Progress” Status?

After your application is marked as “In Progress,” it will go through additional evaluations, including interviews and assessments. If you meet the criteria and perform well in these evaluations, your application will progress to the next stage.

How to Check Your Application Status

If you’re anxious to check your application’s progress, Kohl’s provides a straightforward way to do so. Visit the Kohl’s careers website and log in to your account. You’ll find a dedicated section for checking your application status.

What to Do While You Wait

Waiting for a response can be nerve-wracking. Here are a few things you can do while your application is in progress:

  1. Continue Job Hunting: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Keep applying to other positions to maximize your chances of success.
  2. Stay Informed: Check your email regularly, as Kohl’s might send updates or request additional information.
  3. Prepare for Interviews: If you progress to the interview stage, be ready to discuss your qualifications and why you’re the right fit for the role.

Common Questions About Kohl’s Application Status

1. How long does the “In Progress” status typically last?

The duration varies depending on the role, the volume of applicants, and the specific hiring timeline. It’s best to be patient and stay informed through your Kohl’s careers account.

2. Can I contact Kohl’s HR for updates?

While it’s acceptable to follow up, frequent inquiries can be overwhelming. Use the application status feature on the website as your primary source of information.

3. What if my status changes to “Under Review”?

This means your application is actively being considered. It’s a positive step forward.

4. How can I improve my chances of being selected?

Ensure your application is complete, your resume is up-to-date, and your qualifications align with the job requirements. Be prepared for interviews and assessments.

5. What if my status remains “In Progress” for an extended period?

If it’s been a while and you haven’t received any updates, it’s acceptable to follow up with Kohl’s HR for clarification.


In conclusion, the “In Progress” status in your Kohl’s job application signifies that you’re in the running for a position. While waiting can be challenging, it’s an opportunity to continue preparing for potential interviews and exploring other job opportunities. Stay informed, stay patient, and best of luck with your application!

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