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Can I Return to Kohl’s Without a Receipt? Exploring Kohl’s Return Policy


Returning items without a receipt can be a common concern for shoppers. Whether you’ve received a gift from Kohl’s without a receipt or simply misplaced it, understanding the store’s return policy is essential. In this article, we’ll delve into Kohl’s return policy and explore whether you can return items without a receipt.


Returning items is a part of the shopping experience, and knowing the store’s return policy can save you time and frustration.

Why Return Policies Matter

Return policies are designed to protect both customers and retailers. Understanding these policies ensures a smoother shopping experience.

Kohl’s Return Policy Overview

Kohl’s has a well-defined return policy, which typically allows returns within 180 days of purchase. However, returning items without a receipt can be more challenging.

Returning Items Without a Receipt

Kohl’s prefers customers to provide a receipt for returns, as it helps verify the purchase date and method of payment. However, they do offer some options for those without a receipt.

Alternative Proof of Purchase

If you don’t have a receipt, Kohl’s may accept alternative proof of purchase, such as the credit card used for the purchase or the item’s packaging. This can help establish the authenticity of the return.

Exceptions to the Rule

Some items at Kohl’s may have specific return restrictions, such as electronics and premium electronics exceeding $500, which must be returned within 30 days with a receipt. Additionally, certain items like gift cards and downloadable software are typically non-returnable.

Customer Experiences

Many customers have successfully returned items without a receipt at Kohl’s, provided they could provide alternative proof of purchase.

Tips for Hassle-Free Returns

To ensure a smooth return process at Kohl’s:

  • Always keep your receipts.
  • Use the original payment method whenever possible.
  • Retain packaging and tags for items you plan to return.
  • Be aware of specific return restrictions for certain product categories.


While returning items to Kohl’s without a receipt can be more challenging, it’s not impossible. Understanding the store’s policies, keeping proof of purchase handy, and following their guidelines can help you navigate the return process effectively.

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