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Wire transfer to Walmart money card

To transfer money, you can send a money order, western union or checks to the person. However, sending a check is not safer as there is a chance for bouncing. Here we will discuss on Walmart to Walmart money transfer online. Walmart offers goods services as well as monetary transactions services. You can send money to people locally as well as internationally.

wire transfer money to walmart

Wal-Mart’s Money Center or customer service desk functions as Moneygram to transfer money from one place to another within very less time. Here are few steps that you should keep in mind while wiring money.

Instructions and steps to Wire Money at Walmart:

  • Before wire money to anyone, confirm that you have required amount with your account. Generally, debit cards or cash are used for wire funds via Moneygram.
  • Keep in mind that transfer fee is applied to every transaction. Charges depend on where money is to send and how quickly is to be sent.
  • Go to any local Walmart store and visit Customer Service desk. Receive money transfer form from the clerk or front desk manager.
  • Fill the form carefully by writing your name, address and dollar amount along with the name of the person receiving the money. You can also write ten words message with form without any extra charges.
  • Give filled form and cash amount to the clerk. You may also present your debit card for processing. The clerk will ask either you want to transfer money in ten minutes or with delayed service. The quick transfer is costlier than delayed transfer. You can choose the way as per your convenience. A reference number and a receipt will be given to you.
  • Inform money receiver that you have wired money and approximate time in which he will receive money. Give him reference number which will use for picking up wired money.

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