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Why Does My Kohl’s Cash Say Redeemed?



Kohl’s Cash is a fantastic rewards program that Kohl’s offers to its loyal customers. It’s a way for shoppers to earn store credit based on their purchases during specified promotional periods. However, there are times when you might check your Kohl’s Cash balance, and it unexpectedly says “redeemed.” In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this situation and what you can do to resolve it.

Understanding Kohl’s Cash

Before we delve into the issue of redeemed Kohl’s Cash, let’s first understand how this rewards program works.

Earning Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s Cash is earned when you make qualifying purchases at Kohl’s stores or on their website during specific earning periods. Typically, you receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. The earned Kohl’s Cash can then be used on future purchases during a specified redemption period.

Why Does Kohl’s Cash Say Redeemed?

If you’ve noticed that your Kohl’s Cash balance shows “redeemed” even though you haven’t used it, there could be several reasons for this.

1. Expiry Date

Kohl’s Cash has a limited lifespan. If you don’t use it within the specified redemption window, it will expire, and the system will mark it as “redeemed.” It’s essential to keep track of the expiry dates to ensure you use your rewards effectively.

2. Return or Exchange

If you’ve returned an item that you originally purchased using Kohl’s Cash, the system may mark the used Kohl’s Cash as “redeemed.” This is because the credit was associated with the returned item.

3. Multiple Kohl’s Cash Codes

Sometimes, shoppers may have multiple Kohl’s Cash codes, and they inadvertently use one of them twice. When this happens, the system may mark both instances as “redeemed.” It’s crucial to keep track of your codes and use them only once.

4. Technical Glitch

Occasionally, technical glitches or system errors can cause your Kohl’s Cash to display as “redeemed” incorrectly. In such cases, contacting Kohl’s customer support can help resolve the issue.

What to Do If Your Kohl’s Cash Says Redeemed

If you find yourself in a situation where your Kohl’s Cash is marked as “redeemed” but you haven’t used it, here’s what you can do:

1. Check Expiry Dates

Verify if your Kohl’s Cash has expired. If it has, unfortunately, there’s no way to reactivate it. Make sure to use your rewards within the redemption period to avoid this issue.

2. Review Your Transactions

Go through your purchase history to ensure you haven’t used Kohl’s Cash for a valid purchase or returned an item associated with it. This might help identify the source of the problem.

3. Contact Customer Support

If you believe there’s been a technical error or if you can’t determine the cause of the issue, get in touch with Kohl’s customer support. They can investigate and, if necessary, provide a resolution.


In conclusion, your Kohl’s Cash showing as “redeemed” when you haven’t used it can be attributed to various factors, including expiry dates, returns, multiple codes, or technical glitches. By understanding the potential reasons and taking appropriate action, you can ensure you make the most of this valuable rewards program.


  1. Can I use multiple Kohl’s Cash codes on a single purchase?
    Yes, you can usually use multiple Kohl’s Cash codes on a single transaction, as long as they are valid and within their redemption period.
  2. What happens to unused Kohl’s Cash after the redemption period?
    Unused Kohl’s Cash expires and cannot be used for future purchases.
  3. Can I combine Kohl’s Cash with other discounts or coupons?
    Yes, in most cases, you can combine Kohl’s Cash with other discounts and coupons for even greater savings.
  4. Is there a limit to how much Kohl’s Cash I can earn during an earning period?
    Kohl’s typically sets the maximum amount of Kohl’s Cash you can earn during a promotion. Check the promotion details for specific limits.
  5. Can I transfer my Kohl’s Cash to someone else?
    No, Kohl’s Cash is non-transferable and intended for personal use only.

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