Update My Job Application for Walmart Stores Online


How to Update My Job Application for Walmart?

Doing online job application for Walmart is best way for work with them. If you are also searching for here given some common questions like,

Then let’s check short helping steps for that. Walmart is one of the biggest stores that offer retail, managerial and other various positions at its stores in the United States and also abroad in around 15 other countries. To get an employment, you need to apply at the store or online.

update my job application for walmart

Sometimes, it’s happen that you need to change details in application form such as your changed address or if you have left something. However, you can update details simply from the Walmart store or from online. Steps to update by both ways are given at following.

Instructions to Update Walmart Job Application Online

  1. Open your web browser and enter key words http://www.walmart.com  in the tab. Their main page will be open after press enter key. You have to click on “Careers at Walmart”. 
  2. Here, write your user name and password. This name and password is that you have used when you have created your job application at Walmart.
  3. Click on “Login” button. Your application page will open. Update any part of application by clicking on it. After adding details, save and submit it.

Instructions to Update Application in Person

  1. Open your web browser and go to http://www.walmart.com/ home page and click on store finder.
  2. To find nearest Walmart store or any store, write your city and state or zip code and Click on “Find a Store“.
  3. Once you get address, go to the nearest Walmart local store, Sam’s Club or distribution center you have found from the site.
  4. Find Hiring Kiosk at the store. You will generally find it near the Customer Service desk. Ask representative if you need help.
  5. Get application (hiring Kiosk) from the customer service desk. Write user name and password at the hiring kiosk to update information. Update other information if necessary.
  6. After getting necessary change, save your Walmart job application and submit it.
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