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Tesla’s Unique Feature ‘Dog Mode’ to protect the Dog in a Closed Car


Tesla Company introduces Unique Feature ‘Dog Mode’ to protect the Dog in a Closed Car

Recently Tesla updates a new feature dog mode; this feature uses automatic sensors to maintain a necessary temperature for loving pets inside the car when you have to go outside. With this feature dog will allow to say with a voice message to people passing near the car that they are safe.

American electric car maker company Tesla has placed latest feature ‘Dog Mode’ in the car for pet protection. Using this feature, the user can move out and leave the pet into a safe car. This feature will be available for updating software to Tesla Model 3 customers.

When user on the dog mode, the car’s climate control will be turned on, this prevents the car’s temperature. We are often heard that pets have died due to a ruckus in the car, but these features are being tried to prevent such an event.

About Dog Mode

  • The feature will give a voice message ‘My owner will be back soon’ to people walking on the road outside the car, which appeared on the touch screen inside the car. The car’s temperature can also be seen with the message on the screen.
  • After on this mode, click the Fan option found on the touch screen on the inside of the car. After that, going to the setting mode, click on the Keep Climate On to the dog.
  • After dog mode on, the user will be able to leave the pet in car without any tension. The temperature of this car is controlled; the user can also control it with the mobile phone app.
  • When the car’s battery is below 20%, it will send alert message to the user on Smartphone. So users can make a decision in less time.

About Sentry Mode

  • The car is more secure with Sentry Mode. Together, Tesla has given Sentry Mode in the car, which will provide more protection to the car. In order to park and lock the car Sentry Mode will keep a constant eye check in the car from the external camera.
  • According to Tesla Company, the external camera of car will monitor the surroundings and if any person tries to smuggle or damage the car Sentry Mode immediately alerts the user to with a message.
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