Searching Criticism or Way to Defend Wal-Mart

Walmart responds to criticism: Wal-Mart is a multinational corporation with stores in all U.S. states and in 15 other countries. The corporation includes most employees of any non-government company in the world and is one of the largest multinational companies employs all over the world. It becomes so popular within few years of its establishment because of its low price and customer base built up.

walmart respond to criticism

They charge less for its items and provide a wide range of items that anyone else in the retail industry. Wal-Mart has gained so many criticisms from last few years. Many organizations have criticized for minorities and the disabled, offering poor healthcare to employees, harming the environment, bullying unions, driving local stores out of business and exploiting cheap overseas labor. For searching criticism, you have to follow following steps.

Steps to Defend Wal-Mart:

  1. You can search for Wal-Mart criticisms on search engines like Google, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Type words in the search box like “Wal-Mart critics” or “Problems with Wal-Mart“. It can be also found on
  2. You can make a list of criticisms on different subjects like environment, employment, business practices and more on.
  3. For more lists, visit the corporate site Here you can find topics on for its employees, the community and the world in general as well as health and wellness, careers, community and gives diversity and sustainability. You also find many good references about them.
  4. List out all good things about it. You probably have a long list of arguments to refute criticisms against Wal-Mart. You find reasons why it is a model corporate citizen and not the evil empire.
  5. By seeing at Wal-Mart defending criticisms, offer people a different point of view to present Wal-Mart in a positive way.

Incoming Searching Terms:

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