Replace a Phone with a Walmart Prepaid

Walmart Cell Phone Replacement: If you are fed up with long-term cell phone contracts and monthly bills, it is advisable to change your service provider or convert your phone to a prepaid plan. Many cell providers bind up their brands with Walmart to sell prepaid phones in the store.

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Mostly, the consumer is responsible for registration and turn the phone into prepaid or postpaid through a service provider or by online. Companies such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon provide transfer facility where prepaid phones are sold through Walmart and others.

Instructions to Replace a Phone With a Walmart Prepaid:

  1. First, call your current cell phone service provider and ask for converting into the prepaid plan. If your service provider does not provide this service, you have to purchase a new phone with a long-term contract and plan.
  2. Convert your number with the prepaid facility. If not possible, Purchase a new prepaid SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card and remove the old one. SIM card uses the unique signature relevant to your assigned phone number through the cell phone.
  3. Now, bring your old phone and recently purchased a phone from Walmart. Remember that both should be from the same service provider. Ask a representative to switchover the new prepaid phone with the SIM card and turn the new prepaid phone on.
  4. If you could not go to the store, call service number provided in the packaging of the new prepaid phone for guidance.
  5. You have to follow the online instruction given on the phone to activate the new prepaid phone. Here, selection option to talk live person (customer care executive). He will help and explain the process switching the number and activating the phone.
  6. Login to the website given on prepaid phone’s packaging and follow the indications and instructions to activate and convert the old cell phone number into new.

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