Opportunity for Be a Wal-Mart Contractor


How to Become a Walmart Contractor

Walmart contractor requirements/ registration: If you have substantial types of equipment and have developed some expertise, you might be able to become a contractor at Walmart. It will give you the opportunity to work part time or full time. A contractor is a person who supplies companies with necessary products or services but they are not permanent employees of Walmart.

How to Become a Walmart Contractor

The company contracts to provide non-supplier services of maintenance, recruiting, marketing and transportation. You can contact Walmart to get contract opportunity.

Steps to Be a Wal-Mart Contractor:

  1. Meet your regional Wal-Mart store manager ask about services. Generally, services such as maintenance are given for hiring. Stores need services like parking, landscaping, construction, material assembling, recycling, and maintenance. 
  2. If a store needs to hire your services, the store manager will directly contact you to bind up with the contract.
  3. You can also contact directly to Wal-Mart’s central Recruiting Services department at 479-273-8385 and get information about contracts for recruiting and hiring services. You may also contact Marketing Services at 479-273-4111 for advertising contracts, outreach contracts, and other marketing services.
  4. If you are carrier service provider, you may mail at [email protected] and ask for transportation services. A company will mail you back along with detailed career profile form. You have to fill it completely and send to provided address. 
  5. To get more details about contracts and services, visit Wal-Mart’s online “Service or Non-Retail Supplier Questionnaire”. A list of all mentioned and not mentioned services are given on it. 
  6. Send a mail or call on provided number and ask if they have requirements. The department will reply back with necessary details. It may want to arrange a meeting with you to evaluate your services and remuneration. 
  7. Get well prepared before appearing in front of the manager. Bring your presentation and present confidently along with achievements and benefits.

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