Now Upgrade a Walmart Card to a Walmart Discover

Walmart has issued Walmart Discover Card in year 2005 in the collaboration with Discover which gave a strong competition to MasterCard and Visa. There are two ways to upgrade card. You can go to the store or you can apply online. The method is described below.

Upgrade a Walmart Card to a Walmart Discover

Instruction to Upgrade a Walmart Card to a Walmart Discover

  1. Call a Customer Service Representative on the number 1-877-294-7880 for your credit inquiry. 
  2. Ask representative for upgradation. Walmart Card and Walmart Discover Card, both are issued by GE Consumer Finance. Some of Walmart stores are able to upgrade Walmart account to a Walmart Discover account and issue new card. Once you are issued Discover Card, your Walmart card will be deactivated automatically.
  3. If a customer service representative tells you that they cannot upgrade card on phone, you have to go to the Walmart store. You need to file a new application for a Walmart Discover Card. You can file an application at any Walmart store or from 
  4. Within short time, you will get the approval or rejection of your application for credit card. If you have filled application online, you may get confirmation email within 30 seconds.
  5. If your credit history is not good or have a late payment history or red signals, you might get rejection letter. Whether you have credit card, they will not take it for issuing new card.
  6. If you get denial for Walmart Discover card, take necessary steps to strong your credit rating and then apply again. Before further application, pay your dues such as rent or mortgage and on revolving credit card on time for several months so that your good image can be built.
  7. If you carry your balance, pay immediately. If you use your credit card for small purchases, try to pay them immediately. After scoring good reputation for previous dues, reapply after some period.
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