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Match Price at Walmart to Save the Most Money

Price match Walmart online order one get one free: Everyone knows that Walmart gives an opportunity every day to save money on various items. Here we will discuss on how to price match at Walmart Canada? One of the deals is price matching, which means if any local store is offering a sale on items, Walmart will give the same price for an item if you ask to do so. You can take advantage of different discounts at one store at one time.

Price Match at Walmart

Procedure to Price Match at Walmart to Save the Most Money:

  1. First, make a list of best deal you want to purchase by collecting sale flyers. Note all items that you have to deal with.
  2. Gather details about Wal-Mart’s price matching policies offered by the store. Read conditions for price matching. You may come to know about “Buy One Get One Free” sales or percentage off. For example, all Dove products 40% off, buy one cold drink for $3 and get one free on it, etc.
  3. It should be noted that all stores have different policies. You would not find the same deal from another store. Ask all doubts to Customer Service.
  4. While going for shopping at Walmart, bring the sale flyers with you. Most of the stores will ask you to present them.
  5. Choose items from a store and bring them in a trolley to front bill counter. Generally, all cashiers are able to match prices. However, you can ask a supervisor for the best dealing price matching cashier. He can make your process easier.
  6. Keep aside products that cannot be price matched. Show cashier specified advertisements that you have to bring with you.
  7. Here, you can present your Walmart free coupons also. The store also accepts coupons to price matched items. You can save your grocery bill by paying up to 30% less. To get free coupons, please read “How to Get Free Groceries at Walmart with Coupons”. You can also save up to 90% on bills by taking advantage of various offers by Walmart.
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