Make a Payment on My Walmart Credit Card – Minimum Payment


Make a Payment on My Walmart Credit Card

Walmart offers its customers to pay by cash as well as Walmart credit cards. There is two easy way for payment. Walmart credit cards are issued by General Electric Money Bank (GEMB). You can use the credit card all across the United States. To avoid the late fee, you should make payment to credit cards time to time. Following are steps to make Payment on Walmart Credit Card.

make payment walmart credit card

Instruction for online payment

  1. First, Visit “” to access your account. Click on the option “Access Your Account”.
  2. Click on the option “Register Here”. A box will open with writing space. Enter your Walmart credit card account number which is 16 digits. 
  3. After that, type your name, billing address, and email address. You must enter a valid password to access your account. The password should be remembered for all time as it is used for access the account.
  4. Go to the main page of Wal-Mart and sign into your account by inserting account name and password. The page will show the option “Make Payment” or “Payments”, open it by clicking and add your bank account information such as account and routing number and follow the steps or signs to process your payment.

If you want to pay in stores, following instructions should be kept in mind

  1. First, inquire that your Walmart has a MoneyCenter to accept payments through credit card. If you are not known to that, immediately contact the store.
  2. Bring your recent credit card bill so that the representative can get your credit card number. If you do not have a bill, bring your credit card with you and pay from your account.
  3. You can make payment by cash, check or money order. Payment will be made from an account within 24 hours or 48 hours.

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