How to Return Electronics to Walmart without a Receipt


How to returning unopened electronics to Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart has declared its return policy within 90 days without a receipt. If you have purchased an item, you may return it within 90 days. However, there are different time limits for various purchases. For electronics equipment, Computer components and accessories, you must have to return within 45 days of purchase. Here we get a short guide on how to return unopened electronics to Walmart without the receipt.

On purchasing of camcorders and digital cameras, the consumer is provided 30 days. 15 days are provided for computers or postpaid cell phones. It should keep in mind that, any software, music or any item must be returned unopened.

Steps to Return Electronics to Walmart Without a Receipt

  1. Before entering into the Walmart store, show your electronics item to Walmart associate at the store’s entrance and say him that you want to return back this item. He will put a sticker on the item you want to return.
  2. Then, go to the Walmart return counter and give the cashier the item without removing original packaging and present personal identification, such as a driver’s license. You should keep in mind that you can present any item for return only within prescribed time limit. 
  3. Walmart, in return, offers two ways. If the item is less than $25, you will be given a cash refund. If the return is more than $25, you will be received the refund in the form of gift card. You can even exchange the same piece. The store considers warranty period at the time of return. 
  4. Walmart has fixed the duration of return without a receipt at 45-day. For example, if a person purchased an oven on December 27, he can return it until February 24. 
  5. Consumers are given three chances for return. If he exceeds such limit, he will be flagged. The manager has to accept the return in any case. This flag can be removed after six months and you can return any item without a receipt.
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