How to Finding Future Locations of Walmart Store


Way to Find Future Locations of Walmart Store

  1. Go to the official site Before finding any store at the particular location, confirm that there is not already a particular store. 
  2. Open the main page of Walmart and click on store locator/ store finder at the top of the page. Enter your zip code or map location.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on “Corporate Website”. You can also browse it from 
  4. A new screen will open, where you have to click on “Press Room” on the top of the page. then, click on “Press Releases” on the side menu. You will find here many options, Filter all options by topic from which choose “Store Openings”.
  5. If you could not find any information from Walmart site, search for local news from resources. Local business communities often cover the issues or Walmart before the official press release. You may find news from there.
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