How to Check My Walmart Credit CardApplication Status Online


How to Check  On My Walmart Application Status Online

Walmart has more than 8700 retail stores in 15 countries. The store mainly issues two types of cards. One is the Walmart credit card and the second is Walmart Discover card. Walmart credit card offers 3% discount per gallon at their gas stations. Discover card offers 3% discount per gallon at their gas stations and also entitles up to 1% cash back on purchases. Here we check the guide for how to check the status of my Walmart credit card application online.

How to Check  On My Walmart Application Status Online

To get Walmart cards, first, you have to apply at any local store to them. You have to apply in the prescribed application which is obtained from the store, fill it completely and return it. You have to provide some basic information such as contact details, etc.

Within few days you will receive your number and credit card. Before applying, you must know that how to use it. Learn it from user manual or take help of your representative. Let’s get a guide on Walmart credit card status online check.

Instructions to Check Your Walmart Application of Credit Card

  1. Walmart has separated all its departments for better service. There are the different department for customer care service, job recruitment, etc. 
  2. To check out for application, call to Wal-Mart’s credit card application processing center which number is 877-969-3668. Ask the representative to check your application status.
  3. When you call at the provided number, listen carefully. Respond it by entering a specified number on your phone keypad. If it asks for Social Security number, enter it. After identifying and checking details, an application number will be provided to you.
  4. If you have any queries and you want to talk with the representative, press “0” key. Any representative will receive your call and asks for help. Request him to check on the status of your credit card application.
  5. Provide your all necessary details such as your name, address and Social Security number. After verifying details, a representative will tell the status of your application.

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