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How Much Are 1,000 GameStop Points Worth? Unveiling the Value of Your Rewards



GameStop, a haven for gamers, offers its loyal customers a unique rewards program in the form of GameStop Points. These points can be earned through various transactions and activities within the GameStop ecosystem. But have you ever wondered how much your GameStop Points are actually worth? In this article, we’ll dive into the value of 1,000 GameStop Points and how you can make the most of them.

Understanding GameStop Points

GameStop Points are a type of virtual currency that you earn as a part of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program. These points are essentially a form of loyalty currency that you collect every time you make a purchase, trade-in games, or engage with GameStop in other ways.

Calculating the Value of GameStop Points

The value of GameStop Points can vary depending on how you choose to use them. Generally, 1,000 GameStop Points are equivalent to $1. This means that each point is worth $0.001. While this may seem small, these points can add up quickly, especially if you’re an avid gamer and frequent GameStop customer.

Redeeming GameStop Points

You can redeem your GameStop Points for a variety of rewards, including discounts on purchases, exclusive items, or even free merchandise. When making a purchase at GameStop, you’ll have the option to apply your points to your order, reducing the total cost.

Ways to Maximize Your GameStop Rewards

To get the most out of your GameStop Points, consider the following strategies:

  1. Join the GameStop Rewards Program: Enroll in the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program to start earning points with every purchase.
  2. Take Advantage of Promotions: GameStop often runs promotions that offer bonus points for specific purchases or activities. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to boost your point earnings.
  3. Save for Bigger Rewards: While it’s tempting to redeem your points for small discounts, saving them for larger purchases or exclusive items can offer more significant value.
  4. Trade-In Old Games: GameStop allows you to trade in old games and devices for points. This is a great way to clear out your collection while earning rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

6.1. What are GameStop’s points?

GameStop Points are a form of virtual currency earned through the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program.

6.2. How can I earn GameStop points?

You can earn GameStop Points by making purchases, trading in games and devices, and participating in GameStop promotions and activities.

6.3. Can I use GameStop points for online purchases?

Yes, GameStop Points can often be applied to both in-store and online purchases.

6.4. Do GameStop points expire?

GameStop Points may expire if your account remains inactive for an extended period. Check the terms and conditions of the rewards program for specific details.

6.5. Are there any restrictions on using GameStop points?

While GameStop Points are versatile, there may be some restrictions on their use, such as certain exclusions or limitations during promotional events.


The value of 1,000 GameStop Points may not seem substantial on its own, but it’s a valuable resource for gamers and GameStop enthusiasts. By understanding how to calculate and maximize the value of your points, you can make the most of your rewards and enjoy the perks of being a loyal GameStop customer.

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