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Do You Have to Pay for Cinemark Movie Club?



In the world of movie enthusiasts, subscription services have become increasingly popular. One such service that has caught the attention of moviegoers is the Cinemark Movie Club. But here’s the question on many minds: Do you have to pay for Cinemark Movie Club, or is it a free pass to unlimited movie enjoyment? In this article, we’ll unravel the details of Cinemark Movie Club, discussing its features, costs, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment for movie lovers.

What Is Cinemark Movie Club?

Cinemark Movie Club is a subscription-based program offered by Cinemark, one of the leading movie theater chains in the United States. It is designed to provide members with a range of benefits and discounts in exchange for a monthly fee.

The Features of Cinemark Movie Club

1. One Movie Ticket per Month

One of the primary features of Cinemark Movie Club is that it provides you with one movie ticket per month. This ticket can be used for any standard showtime, including new releases and premium formats like XD, IMAX, and 3D.

2. Unused Tickets Roll Over

If you don’t use your monthly ticket, don’t worry; it rolls over to the next month. This feature ensures that you don’t lose out on the value you’ve paid for.

3. Additional Tickets at Discounted Prices

Beyond your monthly ticket, Cinemark Movie Club members can purchase additional tickets for themselves and their friends or family at discounted prices. This makes it an attractive option for group outings.

4. 20% Off Concessions

Moviegoers often indulge in snacks at the theater, and with Cinemark Movie Club, you can enjoy a 20% discount on concessions, including popcorn, drinks, and candy.

5. Online Booking with No Fees

Cinemark Movie Club members can book their tickets online without worrying about online booking fees. This feature not only saves you money but also streamlines the ticketing process.

The Cost of Cinemark Movie Club

While Cinemark Movie Club offers a range of benefits, it’s not a free service. To become a member, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The exact cost can vary based on your location and any ongoing promotions, but typically, it’s in the range of $9 to $10 per month.

Is Cinemark Movie Club Worth It?

Whether Cinemark Movie Club is worth it depends on your movie-watching habits and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Frequency of Moviegoing: If you’re a regular moviegoer who visits the cinema at least once a month, the monthly ticket alone can make the subscription worthwhile.
  • Concession Spending: If you tend to purchase snacks and drinks at the theater, the 20% discount can add up to significant savings over time.
  • Group Outings: If you often watch movies with friends or family, the ability to purchase additional discounted tickets can make Cinemark Movie Club a great value.
  • Convenience: The convenience of online booking without fees can be a time-saver and add to the overall value of the membership.

Ultimately, Cinemark Movie Club can be a cost-effective choice for movie lovers who take advantage of its benefits. However, if you rarely go to the movies or prefer other theaters, the subscription may not be as appealing.


In summary, Cinemark Movie Club offers a range of benefits, including monthly movie tickets, concession discounts, and more. While it’s not a free service and requires a monthly subscription fee, it can be a fantastic value for avid moviegoers who frequent Cinemark theaters. To determine whether it’s right for you, consider your movie-watching habits and how the features align with your preferences.


1. How much does Cinemark Movie Club cost?

The cost of Cinemark Movie Club typically ranges from $9 to $10 per month, but prices may vary based on location and promotions.

2. What does Cinemark Movie Club include?

Cinemark Movie Club includes one monthly movie ticket, the ability to roll over unused tickets, discounted additional tickets, a 20% concession discount, and fee-free online booking.

3. Can I use Cinemark Movie Club at any Cinemark theater?

Yes, Cinemark Movie Club benefits can be used at any participating Cinemark theater in the United States.

4. Do unused Cinemark Movie Club tickets expire?

Unused tickets from Cinemark Movie Club roll over to the following month and do not expire as long as your membership is active.

5. How can I sign up for Cinemark Movie Club?

You can sign up for Cinemark Movie Club on the official Cinemark website or at a participating Cinemark theater.

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