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Local Walmart Customer Service Center

Walmart has its head store in the United States and it has branches in 15 countries worldwide. It is always kept in touch with its customers by Corporate Headquarters and website which also provides phone numbers and addresses.

Contact Local Walmart Customer Service Center

How to Contact to local Walmart stores:

  1. Go to the main page of an official website and click on the link “Store Finder” at the top of the page. To find the nearest store, enter your zip code of the city in the search box.
  2. You will able to see a map of local Walmart stores of your area. Click on a link to the store that you want to contact and open “Store Details” option by clicking on it.
  3. A page will open with available store details of local Walmart. Find contact information from the page which also includes the details of different numbers, store, pharmacy, vision center and photo center phone numbers.

Other contact options:

  1. Open the main page of a website and click the option “Contact Us” link which is shown at the bottom side of the homepage.  A question will be asked to you on “Contact Customer Service” web page for if you want to mail through Walmart stores or their website.
  2. After that, click on Walmart store or their website’s “email” link. If you wish to comment on a store’s inventory or customer service, Walmart store or Walmart Corporate Headquarters will reply you through email. They offer online dealing with orders, purchasing, and accounting. One can email through email account to headquarters.
  3. A Walmart website’s email form should be filled by user and send to user’s email account. In the “Related Link” section, you will find “Contact Walmart Stores” on the web page “Contact Customer Service“.
  4. Find customer care office numbers or Walmart’s Corporate Headquarters phone numbers. If anyone wants to call at Walmart Customer Service, call at 1-800-925-6278 or at 1-800-881-9180 which will access to your nearest local Walmart stores.

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