Check the Balance on a Walmart My Gift Card – Follow Steps

Walmart has launched Walmart Gift Cards as the best gift option in the convenient way. It offers gift cards from $10 to $2500. You can gift these cards to your family, friends and relatives for weddings, graduations, births, birthday celebrations and even fuel purchases. It is difficult to remember balances and other card details if you have more than one card. Here is a solution for it. Follow the below steps and get off from worry.

Check the Balance on a Walmart My Gift Card - Follow Seps

How to Check the Balance on a Walmart Gift Card?

  1. Open your browser and go to If you do not have an account, make your account by clicking on “Create an account”. 
  2. Follow the instructions to create the account. When you asked for name and email address, provide valid email address and name.
  3. Once you create an account, login by entering user name and password. 
  4. On the home page, click on the link “Check Card Balance” and then on “Add a New Gift Card”. Enter your 16-digit number card number and personal identification number. You will find card number on card’s magnetic strip for a rectangular area. Rub of it to see 16-digit card number and PIN. 
  5. Save card information on account page. Repeat the same procedure for all gift cards. You can store information up to five cards.
  6. Whenever you want to see any detail or see balance, go to the Walmart official site. Click on heading “My Gift Cards”. Find out particular card for which you want to see balance by entering its 16-digit card number with the saved cards in your account.
  7. A page will open with card details like, card number, expiry date, used amount and remaining balance. You will able to see total balance in the column to the right of the card number.
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