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My Staples rewards account login: Do you often shop at the Staples retail store or the online site The Staples retail and eCommerce business is on a full bloom catering to the needs of the customers with 1.7 million products and still counting. From office supplies, stationery products, office furnishes, food, coffee makers, printer cartridges and several others, this store has the complete and most trusted solution for businesses, corporate, enterprises etc. Here we will discuss on login and sign up help.

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Now you can experience the joy of saving more with the Staples Rewards Program an excellent customer loyalty program for the buyers at the retail stores.

Why Should You Join the Staples Rewards Program?

There are several advantages of joining the Staples Reward membership. See how to save money on most of the items you buy at any retail shop.

  1. Cash Back on Purchases: Those who make bulk purchases at the Staples retail outlets only can earn 2%-5% cash back when shopping for qualified products (gift cards, phone and postal stamps are not covered by the cash back rewards).  
  2. Earn Rewards for Recycling Empty Ink Cartridges: Once you cross the minimum purchase threshold, there is an opportunity to earn $2 every time you recycle an empty cartridge. The base members can recycle a maximum of 10 cartridges in a month. The Premier members can recycle up to 20 cartridges per month. 
  3. Free Next Day Delivery: If you order products at the Staples online store before 5pm on working days, the company offers free next day shipping for all ordered products. The offer is available for the rewards program members who spend a minimum of $49.99 on the purchases any working day from Monday to Friday (not applicable on weekends and public holidays). 
  4. Bonus Events: Upon buying certain qualified products, you are entitled to receive extra bonus rewards. Such offers are open for the customers throughout the year. You can earn up to 100% cash back in rewards when purchasing double ink recycling and batteries. 
  5. Discount on Print and Marketing Services: Get a flat $25 off every year at the stores on Print and marketing services. (Available for premier members only)
  6. Discount on Tech Services: Get $20 off each year at the retail stores on Tech services. (Available to the premier members only)

Staples Rewards Membership Levels

Depending on the amount, you spend annually at the Staples outlets and portal for shopping products, you will be gaining the membership privileges. There are two membership levels at the Staples Rewards Program:

  • Base: Spend $0-$999 within a 12 month period
  • Premier: Spend $1000+ within a 12 month period

Who Can Join the Staples Rewards Program?

This customer loyalty program is available for the US based customers only. The rewards program member must have a valid mailing address and provide an email address for correspondence.  Any interested participant must attain the age of 18 years to be eligible for registering with the program.

Customer Support

If you encounter any problem with the Staples Rewards Program account, call the customer support team on the toll-free number- 800-793-3320. You can contact the customer support team 8.30 am to 9.00pm ET on Monday-Friday and 9am to 8pm on the weekends.

Wrapping Up, 

If you are living in the US and frequently purchase office products at the Staples stores, this is the most gainful and rewarding program to join. You can register for the rewards program free of cost. One of the things you may consider discouraging with this rewards program is the absence of the reward benefits for online purchases.

Do you want to join the Staples Rewards Program? It is worth joining and save a few dollars on every purchase and earning some whenever you recycle an empty ink cartridge. Get further information or enroll for the reward program at

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