Cancel a Money Order Issued by Wal-Mart – Cancel Transaction

Money Orders are guaranteed fund that make you sure about receiving money. But sometimes, the situation created that you lost it in the mail or misplaced or the cashing date expires. Walmart provides facility to cancel transaction or issue new one. Steps for cancellation are given below.

Cancel a Money Order Issued by Wal-Mart

Cancel a Money Order at the Walmart store/ in person

  1. Find your nearest local Walmart store by using store locator. Go to your nearest store with money order receipt or the money order check (if any). 
  2. Ask for financial services department at the front desk. Explain the whole issue and show your receipt to representative. 
  3. If you do not have receipt, just tell him the order number, recipient name and the dollar amount of the money order. Present your Identity Card and recipient’s identity. You may have to present a letter of acceptance stating that the cancellation of the money order is acceptable.
  4. Representative will verify your transaction and your issue. They have records of all transactions. So if the money order is cashed, you will be informed. If it does not so, you will be asked to fill cancellation form and sign it. It should be noted that a cancellation fee will be charged as per the rule. 

Cancel a Money Order by phone

  1. Call to the 800 number which is located on the blue copy or carbon copy of the money order (received when you purchased the money order).
  2. Automatic machine will answer you from where you have to select the option “Customer Service”. Any executive/ representative will there to help you. Explain your problem to him and provide the money order number, your sender information and the receiver information. 
  3. Ready to fax or mail the money order copy to the issuer and follow instructions. Your money order will replace within 30 days.
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