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Walmart Employee Benefits Handbook: It is one of the largest retail stores internationally. The company provides more than 4,300 facilities in the United States and it has around 4,000 stores all around the world. Employees of Walmart get numerous benefits other than salary package. Main benefits are described as under.

Benefits of Working at Wal-Mart Store

Competitive Wages

Walmart offers jobs for the hourly basis as well as on permanent basis. Just take an example; the average wage for the full-time cashier is $8.09 to $10 per hour which is comparatively more than other employment companies. As per their performance, they also get increment time to time.

Convenient Locations

Walmart is generally a trader in merchandise. Besides that, it has larges its empire by developing many service stores in various fields. Employees need not travel far for work. Employees such as retail managers and pharmacists can choose their working area.

Employee Discounts

Walmart offers discounts to their employees on the purchase of merchandise in the store. They get 10 percent off on purchases on more than 250 goods and services, including movies, sporting events, and many other items or activities.

Job Stability

Most of the employees of the Walmart enjoys long-term career if they are giving their 100 percent in provided work. In recession time, when other employees have declared a lock-out, Walmart was strong financially.

Financial Benefits

Walmart offers their employees a stock purchase plan with 15 percent of an employee’s investment, up to the first $1,800 each year. It has the retirement plan for employees and also financial planning services.

Medical Benefits

Walmart also cares for their employees. It offers medical benefits to their full-time employees and other qualified employees. For example, dental and eyewear benefits, company-paid life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance and short- and long-term disability insurance. A programme named “Resources for Living”, offers free counseling and health information to its employees 24 hours per day.

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